Student Visa (Subclass 500) :

As per the new SSVF, brought by the Department of Immigration from 1 st July 2016, there will only be one student visa available to study in Australia - Student Visa (subclass 500), regardless of the course of study. It allows studying full-time in a registered education institution and bring eligible members to stay with the student in Australia. The applicant once granted for this visa can stay until the course is finished and continue to work for specified number of hours.

Following Are The Key Requirements Of Student Visa (Subclass 500) :

 Genuine Temporary Entrant Criteria :

The new simplified Canada Student Visa Immigration framework strongly focuses on the authenticity of the student to make sure whether the intention to stay in Australia is for study purpose or to stay temporarily. The requirement demands student immigration history and circumstances in home country.

Financial Status :

Applicants of student visa must have sufficient funds to cover their course fee and living expenses. The Department of Home Affairs have the complete rights to ask for evidence that shows your financial capacity and English language proficiency skills.

Certificate of Enrolment in a registered course of study :

At the time of lodging application to the Student Immigration Consultant, it is compulsory to submit a Certificate of Enrolment provided from a registered education provider in Australia. The students who are sponsored from foreign affairs or defence exception are considered granted for this requirement.

English Language necessity :

Those with lower immigration risk may not be required to provide evidence of English Language capabilities (if they have met the requirement of education provider), however the ones with higher immigration risks are required to provide documentary evidence of their English language proficiency under an acceptable test with their visa application.

Welfare arrangements for the students younger than 18 years of age :

If the applicants are under 18 years of age, they need to provide all the evidence of their welfare arrangements in Australia.

Health and Character Requirement :

Students applying for this visa are required to be of good character and undergo certain health examinations to fulfil some requirements of the application.